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Garrett Atkins came into the year as a Top 40 fantasy baseball option. The 2007 season has been something of a struggle for Garrett Atkins, whose average has hovered around .250 all year. This has to be viewed as a short term setback, though, since Atkins hit for much higher his first few years in the league. Atkins, who is best pals with fellow Colorado Rockies teammate, Matt Halliday, should remain a solid option at third base in the years to follow.

Garrett Atkins joined the organization in the year 2000. He was drafted in the fifth round by the Rockies. Two years earlier, Garrett had been drafted by the New York Mets, but he chose to attend college, where he was a standout on a couple of UCLA Bruins teams. His college teammate was Chase Utley, who is now an All-Stars 2nd baseman with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Garrett Atkins came into the Rockies organization around the same time as Matt Holliday. In the minors, the two were roommates for most of four years. They remain best friends to this day. The bachelor Atkins lives with Holliday's family during spring training. During this time every year, he is known to babysit for Holliday's two young children.

This wouldn't matter if they two young Rockies weren't productive. But Holliday and Atkins have been solid players for the franchise, quickly becoming fan favorites. In fact, the two have captured enough of a local fan base that they are considered the current and future stars of the organization. The Rockies front office even shopped the longtime franchise player, Todd Helton, last summer. They might well do the same this summer.

Garrett Atkins Career Batting Average

Garrett Atkins - Fantasy Baseball - Batting AverageAtkins has averaged a .291 average with 21 homers and 105 RBIs over his three year career. (He played in games for the Rockies in 2003 and 2004, but not enough to be considered full years.) In fact, in 2006 Atkins led the Rockies in batting average and RBIs. He also led the league in runs produced, which is obviously one of the most important, if most overlooked, stats in baseball.

Though these numbers aren't quite as impressive as Matt Holliday's, they are enough to make Atkins a solid major league third baseman with huge upside. At only 27 years of age, Atkins' best years are still ahead of him. That is, if he can pull out of his current seeming funk.

2007 Garrett Atkins Struggles

Garrett Atkins is hitting only .252 at this writing. He has no injuries, having played in 87 games this year. His power numbers remain at or around the same pace as his past numbers, with 13 HRs and 53 RBIs.

Hitting in Colorado, you can always expect Atkins to give you solid run production, even if he continues to struggle with his average. That means you should be able to ride out his 2007 slump. In time, his average should rise again. You frankly don't want him on the bench when he begins to climb back up the rankings.

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