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Derrek Lee is having another stellar year for the Chicago Cubs. His .335 batting average has him among the Top Ten in the NL. Derrek Lee has helped the Cubs reach a respectable 47-43 record after 90 games.

Derrek Lee has played his entire career in the National League. He came up with the San Diego Padres in 1997. The Padres traded Lee to the Florida Marlins in 1998, where he remained until 2003. After helping the Marlins win the World Series in '03, Florida dumped his salary in that offseason.

Derrek Lee has had an up and down career at times. His career average is around .280, though he has had years where his average jumped 50 points. In 2005, Derrek finished second in the National League MVP voting. He led with a .335 batting average with 47 HRs and 107 RBIs. It's likely that Lee missed out on the award because the team around him wasn't good enough to set the plate.

With 47 homers, it would be hoped that Derrek Lee would have had an extra 20-30 RBIs over the year. Unfortunately, there just weren't many base runners on in front of Lee that year. His cause wasn't help when keys Cubs hitters missed stretches of the season. Instead, the Atlanta Braves Andruw Jones won the award.

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Derrek Lee Career Numbers

Derrek Lee has hit .281 with 27 HRs and 87 RBIs on average throughout his career. While he has hit .335 two of the last three years, he has maintained a steady average between .270 and .280 every other year since 2000. That makes him a solid player, but not one on whom I would bank my fantasy baseball season. Draft Lee as a solid addition to your team, but not so high that he must be a star performer. If you get a career year from him, all the better.

2007 Derrek Lee Stats

Lee is hitting .335 through 90 games of the 2007 season, with 7 HRs and 47 RBIs. His power totals have dropped off precipitously, though he continues to have a career year making contact. Once again, owners drafted Lee expected at least twice that number of homers and another 10-15 RBIs by this point. The Cubs line up doesn't always set the table for Lee, though his power totals are just plain weak.

Lee missed significant time in 2006 after suffering a broken wrist. Until he returns to his form of 2005, I have to wonder if the wrist injury is not somehow hurting his power at the plate. Fantasy owners should keep a close eye on Lee's continued production at the plate.

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