Derek Jeter Fantasy Baseball Hitter

Derek Jeter is one of the hardest players to slot in fantasy baseball. That's because it's hard to know where the fact ends and the legend begins. Derek Jeter was the face of 4 Yankees World Series champions, meaning he is one of superstars of this generation of baseball. He's one of the great post-season clutch hitters of our time. Jeter has faced the playoff pressure so many times, that it has become second nature to him. He's a guy I want batting for me when it comes time to win a World Series.

Derek Jeter - Fantasy Baseball Batting Average

The problem is, Derek Jeter has not always had those gaudy numbers which fantasy owners look for. I'm not saying Derek Jeter is a weak fantasy play. I'm just saying that A-Rod and Big Papi are better bets over a long fantasy season.

If you can grab Derek Jeter as your 2nd or 3rd position player, you have yourself a solid bargain. There may be other guys in fantasy baseball who turn up with bigger seasons, but Jeter will give you a steady, veteran player to build around. He occasionally has inflated stats, and when the Yankees make their inevitable push in the playoff chase, you can expect Jeter to surge for you.

Derek Jeter Batting Average

Derek Jeter is coming off a season where he was second in the league with a .343 batting average. If he comes close to equaling those numbers, Jeter is worth a top ten selection. History shows that he probably won't match those numbers, so I would suggest you cross your fingers and hope he falls to you. Don't be the one to overdraft or overpay on Jeter. If no one else is the sucker who takes him top five, pick up Derek a little later.

The one thing about Derek Jeter is he tends to have protection. He has Johnny Damon hitting in front of him, and the stout line up of Bobby Abreu, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi and Hideki Matsui hitting behind him. There is no pitching around Jeter, because the pitcher will only be setting up Abreu and A-Rod for RBIs.

Hitting in the 2nd spot of the line up, don't expect Jeter to have gaudy RBI totals. He will score a lot of runs, while his average should be over .300. It used to be that he hit around .290, but Derek Jeter appears to be in his prime years right now for batting average.

Expect a total of 110 runs scored, 90 RBIs and between .310 and .340 batting average.

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