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David Wright is the Mets All-Star third baseman. Along with Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, Wright makes up a solid core of Mets fantasy baseball stars. The tandem of Reyes and Wright are the league's best young combination on the left side of the infield. The two are a large part of a new "feel good" Mets, because the team's fans love their young star. David Wright is known to arrive early at the ball park, where he accommodates both fans and media members.

David Wright has been instrumental in helping the Mets to a 2-game lead in the NL East this year. He is widely considered the second best third baseball in baseball, behind only Alex Rodriguez. Wright's offensive production have won him acclaim since the 2005 season, when he finished in the NL Top Ten for hits, runs, bases, extra base hits, batting average and RBIs.

He is making a name for himself with his glove at 3rd. A diving, over-the-shoulder, bare-handed grab won him an ESPN "play of the year" award last year. Later in the year, he finished off a 4-3 win by making a similar diving catch.

2006 Postseason for David Wright

David Wright - Fantasy BaseballDavid Wright struggled in his first postseason, batting a mere .160 against the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL divisional playoffs. This was against an overpowering Cardinals club who were the odds-on favorite to win the World Series. In the playoffs, a hitter is facing only the best starting pitchers in the league.

Wright's playoffs have no bearing on fantasy baseball. He gets to play against lame pitching on the Reds and Pirates as much as he plays the Cards. David Wright's career stats are impressive for a player so young, with a .303 average, 29 HRs, 21 stolen bases and 109 RBIs per year. That's really good, given that most young players struggle their first couple of years in the Bigs.

2007 Season for David Wright

This season,, Wright has a .292 batting average with 16 homers and 55 RBIs. Though his average is down about ten points, his power numbers are slighlty better than his career average. As pitchers start to wear down in the second part of the season, Wright's numbers should increase.

I hope to see Wright play in the postseason again, getting a chance to redeem himself. The young Mets should compete much better with a year of experience behind them.

Daily Fantasy Baseball and Dustin Wright

Wright is a solid play on FantasySportsLive right now. He is listed in $30,000 range, which makes him a solid bargain for a daily play.

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