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Chris Young is one of the new factors in fantasy baseball. A couple of seasons ago, you might have seen the talented right-hander on the bottom of a fantasy roster. But after his breakout 2006 season, Young is now one of the Top 10 pitchers drafted in any league.

Chris Young was a major pickup for the San Diego Padres. At 6'10", he had long had the potential to be a solid major league starter. But he had bounced around the Majors with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos and Texas Rangers. After 2005, the Rangers traded Young to the Padres in the offseason.

Chris Young came out of the opening gate in 2006 smoking. He was pitcher for the month in June 2006 and he went on to post an 11-5 record. He recorded a win in the postseason against the Cardinals, which incidentally matches the number of postseason wins in Rangers history. Still, the trade didn't seem so bad in 2006. That's when the 2007 season came around.

Chris Young started 2007 with a long winning streak. He was eventually voted the NL pitching representative, which made him the 2007 All-Star starter.

The Chris Young Trade

The Chris Young trade will eventually get Rangers GM Jon Daniels fired.

Chris Young - Top 10 Fantasy Baseball PitchersChris Young was from Dallas, Texas, so he was a natural fan favorite with Texas fans. In his rookie season with the Rangers, he posted a solid 12 wins, which tied a Rangers record for a rookie pitcher. But Daniels was impatient with Chris Young, trading to get a pitcher a little further along in his development.

So the Rangers shipped Adrian Gonzales and Chris Young for Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka. Eaton was never happy with the Rangers and left as soon as free agency hit. While Otsuka has been a solid pitcher, to lose Young and Gonzales in that trade was a disaster. If Young's development wasn't bad enough, Adrian Gonzales is one of the league leaders in homers and RBIs, and has a solid .280 average.

Chris Young Statistics

Young has an 8-3 record and 2.00 ERA in 2007. He is well on pace to collect a career best in wins on an average Padres club. Young signed a 4-year contract extension with San Diego, meaning he should be a Padre for most of his prime years. At 28 years old, Young should continue to improve for the next several year.

If you can pick him up in a dynasty league, hold onto this kid for the next 2-3 years at least. Injuries are the only reason he won't continue to improve. Remember that Chris Young, despite his size, is not a classic power pitcher. So don't expect high strikeout totals.

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