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Chase Utley was rated in the top ten on many fantasy lists at the beginning of the season. If you took him in the 10-15 spot, you're probably very happy with the production you've seen this far. His recent series against the Reds no doubt won weeks for owners across the nation. In fact, Reds manager Jerry Narron was fired off the strength of the Phillies sweep of Cincinnati.

The 29 year old Chase Utley is in the prime of his career. Since he came up from the Scranton Red Barons in 2003, he went from a simple fill-in to the everyday starter at 2nd base. Chase Utley has even played games at first, giving rest to big-hitting teammates like Ryan Howard and (former Phillies 1st baseman) Jim Thome.

Chase Utley was the last player with a hit at the old Veterans Stadium when it closed down. He also holds the 2nd-longest hitting streak in Phillies history, with a 35 game hitting streak in 2006.

Phillies Renaissance - Chase Utley

Paired with other fantasy favorites like Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins, Utley has plenty of protection in the Phillies line-up. The Utley-Rollins combo in the middle infield is arguably the best middle infield in the majors.

Chase Utley - Fantasy BaseballIt's a shame that we can't see what this line up would look like if Bobby Abreu were still in it. I guess that's why the Yankees are the Yankees and the Phillies are the Phillies. Still, it stinks that the Philadelphia front office can't behave like the Phillies play in a major market. The great city of Philadelphia deserves better. If Abreu were still on the Phillies roster, Chase Utley would be that much more of a threat to score.

Still, the Phillies organization is full of young energy with the likes of Utley, Howard and Rollins. In fact, their organization has posted a better record since they traded Abreu. Utley has a huge hand in that, batting .324 with 15 HRs and 66 RBIs in 2007.

Background on Chase Utley

Chase Utley is a fan favorite, having been voted the starting NL 2nd baseman for the 2007 All-Star game. He is a favorite with Phillies management, having recently signed a seven-year and $85,000,000 contract. Interestingly, Utley signed the contract the day after his wedding, which I'm sure was quite a prize for Utley's bride.

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