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Carlos Lee seems to have found a home in Houston. Carlos Lee was one of the big free agents between the 2006 and 2007 seasons, after his contract with the Milwaukee Brewers terminated. Carlos Lee was the big bat in the Brewers line up for several years, but Doug Melvin decided he wouldn't resign Carlos and traded him to the Texas Rangers at the trading deadline last year.

That turns out to have been a strange trade for the Rangers, who really weren't anywhere near a playoff spot. It was known that Carlos Lee would command top dollars in free agency, so the Rangers were renting Carlos for two months for a non-existent pennant chase. This had predictable results. Carlos, a seemingly can't miss power hitter in the Rangers line up, moved south and never seemed to get comfortable in Dallas.

Carlos Lee - The Horse

Carlos LeeSo when "El Caballo" went to the Astros in the offseason, there was some concern how Lee would fit into another lineup down south. Carlos should be happy, signing a six-year $100,000,000 contract.

Back in the National League, though, he appears to be back in his comfort zone. With a .347 batting average, complete with 16 homers and 72 RBIs, Carlos is one of the most productive hitters in all of baseball. That's saying something, since he's playing in a pitchers ballpark in Houston, surrounded by a line up which has been weak in terms of production in recent years.

Trade Bait Carlos Lee

Carlos Lee has been in a couple of big trades in his career. He was traded from the Chicago White Sox to the Brewers in 1999 for Luis Vizcaino and Scott Podsednik. The two became major cogs of the White Sox World Series champion squad a few years later. The Rangers-Brewers trade included Coco Cordero, who is having a huge 2007 season.

Coincidentally, Carlos Lee seems to be in a lot of trades in fantasy baseball leagues I've been in over the years. It's my theory that he's the sort of player who is huge on production, but owners don't feel a particular connection to.

Coming into the 2007 season, it's possible you might have drafted Carlos Lee a little lower in the draft than usual, based on his poor showing in Arlington and the uncertainty of moving to a new franchise.

Carlos Lee Career Stats - Batting Average

For his career, Carlos Lee averages a .287 batting average with 30 HRs and 107 RBIs. That's enough to put him in the elite category. Lee is one of those players who you can plug into your lineup and expect solid, consistent production. At 31, he still has several years of elite production left.

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Posted July 7, 2007.

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