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Carlos Guillen, like Michael Young in Texas, had the distinction of replacing the departing Alex Rodriguez. That happened when Carlos Guillen became the every day shortstop for the Seattle Mariners in 2000, as he moved over from playing occasional 2nd and 3rd base for the team in previous years.

It took Carlo Guillen several years to become the player he is today. At first, Guillen was averaged only a little over .250 and he never hit over .300 for the Mariners.

Since Carlos Guillen's move to the Tigers, his career average has risen to .292. Over the past four years in Detroit, Carlos has posted totals of .318, .320, .320 and .325. 2004 marked the first time Guillen made it to an All-Star game.

When drafting Carlos Guillen, you have to be on the lookout for injuries. Over the years, he has suffered from such health problems as a torn ACL, hamstring problems and even pulmonary tuberculosis. These problems have sometimes occasionally hindered his progress, though these days Guillen is considered one of the elite hitters in the league.

2007 Carlos Guillen Stats

In 2007, Guillen is hitting .325 with 14 HR and 67 RBI. At 31, he should have several more years of solid production. To show their confidence in his continued production, the Tigers signed Guillen to a 4-year contract extension early in the 2007 season.

Carlso Guillen - Fantasy Baseball Shortstop

Fantasy Baseball Drafts - Carlos Guillen

Due to his injury history, Carlos Guillen was a steal in drafts this year. He averaged being the 65th player taken in most fantasy drafts, which is way low for the production he's shown.

In daily fantasy baseball, Carlos Guillen is an exceptional option, usually because his salary cap total is less than some of the biggest names in the sport. If you keep an eye to make sure he's playing, you get All-Star numbers at a discount rate.

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