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Carlos Beltran is one of many stars who came up through the Kansas City Royals system. Like all the others, Carlos Beltran went on to fame and contention with other teams. Beltran was a major component in the Houston Astros 2004 World Series club. He plays in the Big Apple as the star of the New York Mets.

A star center fielder, Carlos Beltran has a .280 career batting average and has averaged 28 HR and 105 RBI throughout his career. His 2006 year was his best, when Beltran totaled .275 hitting with 41 HR and 116 RBI.

While those totals make the thirty-year old Carlos Beltran a star in New York, his totals are not enough to make him one of the elite players in fantasy baseball. He has only averaged .300 batting in only two seasons (2001, 2003). I imagine that many fantasy baseball owners consider Carlos Beltran, because he gets talked up by the media more than his stats warrant.

Two factors mitigate these arguments. One, Beltran averages 31 steals per year. This makes up for some of the gap Beltran has with other top players in fantasy baseball.

Two, Beltran has a strong arm in center field. This isn't much of a factor in fantasy baseball, but his defense makes him a much more valuable player in real baseball. Stealing bases and throwing out runners are two of the five skills which make up a "five-skill" player, which are easily overlooked. Of course, playing in New York City always gets a player a little more publicity.

In 2007, Carlos Beltran is averaging .264 with 16 HR, 55 RBI and 13 stolen bases.

The Carlos Beltran Tour of the National League

Carlos Beltran - Fantasy Baseball - Batting Average

Carlos Beltran played a short time for the Houston Astros. He was traded by the Royals for three players in a 3-team trade in 2004. This proved to be a solid trade for the Astros, since Beltran tied a National League record by hitting 8 home runs in the NL playoffs.

Beltran's stay in Houston came to an end only months later, when he joined the Mets after signing a $119,000,000 contract. Along with Jose Reyes and David Wright, Beltran is one of the Mets' premier players. He owns the biggest contract the franchise has ever awarded. His showing as a "clutch" player in the 2004 players and his status as a five-tool player made him the best free agent that year.

A Small Market Team Rant

Let me use Carlos Beltran to make a point. I could have made the same point using Jermaine Dye, Kevin Appier, David Cone or Johnny Damon, but Beltran is the one most relevant to fantasy baseball.

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