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Carl Crawford is one of the few players who talks about fantasy baseball in his interviews. He claims that one way he motivates himself in training is to strive to be the #1 draft pick in fantasy drafts. The 2007 season may not help Carl Crawford get to that position, but it is a solid enough effort anyway.

Off the strength of a solid 2006. Carl Crawford was drafted in the Top Ten of most fantasy drafts this year. That might surprise a lot of people new to fantasy baseball. Members of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are not sexy picks in the fantasy scene.

Carl Crawford has played for the Devil Rays all five seasons of his major league career. At 25 years of age, he has many more years in a major league uniform. You might still be able to steal him in a few drafts for the next few years. My guess is he will leave in free agency when given the chance. If this happens, he will become more of a household name.

2006 Carl Crawford Stats

Carl Crawford ended the 2006 with a .305 average, 18 HR, 77 RBIs and 58 stolen bases. It's the stolen bases which set Crawford apart from his contemporaries. He is arguably the fastest player in Major League Baseball, which kind of makes me wonder why he didn't become a center fielder. Arm strength is probably the only question with Crawford.

Carl Crawford - Fantasy Baseball

2007 Carl Crawford Stats

Carl Crawford has a .282 average with 6 homers and 51 RBIs in 2007. He's added 23 steals. His RBI totals should be a career high, though his steals and batting average have suffered this year. Though he has good stats, they do not justify a Top 10 selection.

Fantasy Impact of Chris Crawford

Don't draft Carl Crawford if you are scared off by the Devil Rays organization. Crawford is playing at one of the worst outposts in MLB. His team stinks and he'll be left on base a lot. That can frustrate a lot of fantasy owners. But if you like solid numbers and don't much care about where they come from, you might pick up Carl Crawford a little lower than you otherwise would a player of his caliber.

Keep an eye on Crawford in the second half of 2007. The Devil Rays are especially bad right now. But in baseball, even the worst team will have solid streaks of play. After their disastrous July, the D-Rays could have steady play in August and September. If that it the case, Carl Crawford will probably be a big part of that. So don't give up on Crawford if you have him or can get him.

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