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Forget that the Yankees might miss out on the playoffs for the first time in years. That's a matter of inconsistent pitching. The Yankees can still hit the ball, and Bobby Abreu is a big reason why.

Bobby Abreu came over to the Yankees in a trade late in the 2006 season. Bobby helped the Yankees put distance between themselves and the Red Sox, and hit 7 HRs and 42 RBIs in the final two months of the season as a Yankee.

Bobby Abreu is a disciplined hitter, which is something I like. He led the major leagues in walks last year, posting 124 bases on balls. If you're in a league which awards points for walks, that's a huge stat to keep in mind. Though he isn't a power hitter, Abreu has enough pop in his bat to keep pitchers honest.

Most importantly, Abreu hits in a murderers row Yankees line up. Bobby hits 3rd in the lineup, which situates him firmly between Derek Jeter (#2) and Alex Rodriguez (#4). You really aren't going to get better protection than that. Add to that the fact Abreu has a selective eye and you have a guy on base a lot through the regular season.

Bobby Abreu - Fantasy BaseballOnce again, if your league offers points for runs scored, Bobby Abreu is a terrific weapon to have. With A-Rod putting up MVP numbers, you can be assured that a lot of those RBIs are Bobby Abreu coming around the bases. In many leagues, the top winner of the week for runs scored equals the top in stats like home runs, so the less sexy stats like runs scored are often a way to steal a category.

In daily fantasy baseball like what you'll find on FantasySportsLive, you might find A-Rod a little too expensive to play. If you still want to prosper off some of that A-Rod production, drafting Bobby Abreu is a less direct and less expensive way to do that.

Bobby Abreu's Career

Abreu had a long road to becoming one of the big name players in the Major Leagues. He first played in the majors for the Houston Astros, who let him go in 1997 after two seasons of sporadic play. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays picked up Abreu in the expansion draft, but quickly traded him to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Philadelphia is where Abreu first made a name for himself. He spent nearly 10 years in the organization, from 1997 to midway through the 2006 season. During the 2006 season, Abreu joined with Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Jimmie Rollins to form a strong nucleus of hitters. Phillies fans were upset when the team traded Abreu to the Yankees, fearing the Philadelphia front office was trading away a key piece of the franchise.

As it turns out, both the Phillies and the Yankees appear to have prospered from the trade. Abreu is offered a rare opportunity to play in a stacked lineup in high-stakes games. There really isn't a player in baseball in a better position to succeed, provided Abreu can handle the pressures of big time baseball in New York City.

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