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Everyone expected Andruw Jones to post a monster year this year. That's because he was coming into a free agent year, where he would be able to cash in on the huge output of the 2007 season. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case, and Andruw Jones has burned more than one fantasy owner in 2007.

Since coming up with the Atlanta in 1996, Andruw Jones has been a mainstay of the Braves organization. It's tempting to think of Jones as one of the gray beards of MLB, since he has been one ten different Braves playoff teams. But Jones came up as a 19-20 year old in that 1996 season, so Andruw is only 30 years old and still in his prime. At least, that was the conventional logic coming into this season.

For much of his career, Andruw Jones was hailed as one of the best defensive outfielders. He was also known for his physical durability, having played in 150+ games in every season of his career, barring the year he broke in late as a rookie. Jones was a force in the middle of the Braves line up, though in the NL on a pitching-and-defense first team, that did not always translate to huge offensive numbers. Therefore, Jones was a solid if unspectacular fantasy baseball option.

The 2005 season seemed to have changed that. Jones, who was 28 at the time, emerged as an offensive force on yet another Braves regular season contender. Jones got advice from Willie Mays, who told him to widen his batting stance. The results were dramatic.

Andruw Jones led the majors in home runs and RBIs in 2005 with 51 and 128, respectively. Were it not for Albert Pujols, Jones would have won the NL MVP voting.

Andruw Jones - Fantasy Baseball

2006 saw Jones finish with 41 homers and 129 RBIs. Many pundits thought the 2006 season was more impressive, since Jones walked nearly 20 more times and scored 12 more runs over the season. 2006 saw Andruw Jones add his 9th Gold Glove in the outfield.

Of course, fantasy owners don't care much about Gold Gloves. They want to see a player ripping doubles and slamming home runs. And that's what many fantasy players expected of Andruw Jones coming into the 2007 year, when higher stats would translate into millions of extra dollars in his bank account. Free agency loomed, and pro athletes are infamous for have career years in contract years.

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