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Alfonso Soriano came into the year as high as the #2 on many draft boards. Through the first two months of the season, a pick that high would have killed most fantasy teams. Alfonso Soriano had 4 homers in the first two months of a season, meaning a lot of owners either benched or traded the guy.

June was a completely different story. Alfonso Soriano hit 11 of his 15 homers in June, therefore justifying the high draft pick. Assuming he stays on track the rest of the year, he could become the star on a lot of fantasy rosters. But those first two months are killer for a lot of owners.

A Likely Scenario for Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano - Fantasy BaseballHere's what usually happens. A fantasy owner spends a high draft choice on Alfonso Soriano. He flounders. Some guy that drafted A-Rod figures it's worth it to take a flier on Soriano, and he trades a couple of lesser guys who are hot in April and May. He ends up pairing Rodriguez and Soriano on the same team and wins the league.

Of course, the other alternative is to sit on Alfonso and hope he comes around, losing week after week in the standings. Most players do this, if nothing else to spite the owners bombarded them with trade offers for their best player. I love fantasy baseball.

In one of those daily fantasy sites like, Soriano is the kind of player that wins you money, though. His overall stats still don't rank him among the top players, though he has been hot for several weeks. That means you end up paying less for him and can therefore fill out other spots with Pujols or A-Rod.

Take a look at star players who started out slow like Alfonso Soriano and Michael Young. These guys are going cheap on the daily sites, but are bargain players because they are starting to heat up.

Alfonoso Soriano Tidbits

Alfonso Soriano is known as the "Fonz" by some friends and teammates. You have to like anyone named the Fonz.

Soriano was the main player traded to the Texas Rangers in the trade which brought Alex Rodriguez to the New York Yankees. Though he put up solid offensive numbers with the Rangers, his time with the team was clouded by Texas manager Buck Showalter's inability to convince Soriano to move from 2nd base to outfield.

Once the Rangers traded Soriano to the Washington Senators, Soriano was convinced to move to the outfield, which greatly increased his value to potential suitors in free agency. Always an outstanding offensive player, his defensive liability at 2nd base lowered his value to teams.

In his time with the Senators, Alfonso Soriano became the first person to post 40 home runs, 40 doubles and 40 steals in one season. As the exclusive member of the 40-40-40, it's no wonder the fantasy baseball establishment had him ranked #2 as he moved over to the Cubs.

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