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Alex Rodriguez came into the season as the consensus #4 pick in fantasy baseball. At this point in the season, everyone knows A-Rod should have been the #1 pick.

Alex Rodriguez is having a career year, which is saying a lot for a future Hall-of-Famer. His 14 home runs in April tied the record for homers in the opening month of a season. A-Rod looks to be cruising to the home run title, which is always a huge advantage for any owner in fantasy baseball. It's possible he will have 60 homers this year.

Nearing the halfway point of the MLB season, A-Rod has a .327 batting average with 28 HR and 78 RBIs. That's in 76 games, meaning A-Rod is averaging more than an RBI every game and a home run every third game. They translate to a hit every third at-bat, with 60 homers and 165 rbi's on the season. Those are staggering numbers.

A-Rod is an A-Hole

Alex Rodriguez - A-Rod - Fantasy BaseballOf course, this is what is expected of the highest-paid player in MLB history. That contract, which is actually being payed by the both the Yankees and the Texas Rangers, has helped make ARod one of the most disliked players in MLB baseball. His poor play in Yankee post-seasons have irritated the Yankee fandom, who believe he is a "me first" player.

This overlooks the fact that A-Rod did the unthinkable, moving from his natural position as a Gold Glove shortstop to third base in order to join the Yankees. But until Alex gets hot in a post-season and leads the Yanks to a World Series title, he'll be considered a disappointment in New York.

That hardly matters in fantasy baseball. Rotisserie leagues deal with the regular season, where A-Rod rules.

Alex Rodriguez and Salary Caps

The problem with Alex Rodriguez in fantasy baseball, though, is that his costs are prohibitive in a salary cap league. Unless we are talking about Albert Pujols, A-Rod is probably the highest paid player in your league.

On daily fantasy sites like, Rodriguez is certainly the most expensive guy. But he can also lead your team to the title, if you are wish enough to stock the rest of your roster out with affordable mid-level stars. A-Rod is the baseball version of Ladainian Tomlinson.

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Posted July 2007.

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