Waiver Priority

Definition of Waiver Priority

"Waiver priority" is a figure used to determine in what order you as a fantasy manager are allowed to pick players from the waiver wire. If three teams attempt to select a waived player, the waiver priority will determine which team gets to sign that player.

To control the madness that is the waiver wire, most fantasy leagues determine how the waiver priority will work. In all of my leagues this year, the waiver priority is determined by one of two factors. First of all, the initial waiver priority is set by draft order. Whoever drafts last gets first waiver priority. After that initial week, waiver priority is determined by how recently a player has signed a waived player.

Here's where the strategy comes in -- using your waiver priority has an immediate impact on next week's game. It is one of the few strategy moves that can effect the current and all future weeks at once. If you waste a waiver priority pick (I've been guilty of using my waiver priority just to use it) in week two on a player you didn't need, you could lose that priority in week four when you need it to replace an injured player.

It may sound like simple advice, but waiver priority should be used on quality players. Impact guys who could be the difference maker in a close game. Too often, I see fantasy managers who don't understand the waiver wire and waiver priority. The idea behind the waiver wire is to give every team in the league a fair chance of acquiring a value player.

Another piece of strategy related to the waiver priority -- figuring out what your fellow fantasy managers are thinking. If there are two players on everybody's waiver wire cheat sheet this week, trying to determine which player the managers with higher waiver priority than you will go for, and which might be on the radar of the managers you're sitting on top of. Picking a player to sign off the waiver wire has more to do with selecting a value player you think you have a chance of signing than finding the best player on the wire.

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