Definition of Waive

To "waive" a player is to drop that player from your fantasy football squad. What you are essentially doing is "waiving your right" to that player in the interest of altering your strategy, clearing up roster space, or getting rid of dead weight.

When you "waive" your right to that player, the other fantasy managers in your league will get a chance to pick that player up (see Add). Always remember when you use a waiver you are presenting one of your opponents the opportunity to use your old draft pick to beat you. An embarrassment that none of us can afford.

The idea behind waiver and free agent activity is to find a stud of a player that no one else expects to explode and slide him into your roster. The flip side of this coin is also true -- to waive a player means to let him go before his numbers become more of a burden than a boon.

With most fantasy leagues, using a waiver is easy. It is in the replacing of that player that you waived which gets most of us into trouble. For help with using waivers to change or upgrade your fantasy football team, check out basically any fantasy football source for their "Waiver Wire" feature. This is a kind of heads up to fantasy managers about what players may be soaring under the radar -- but remember, your opponents have Internet access to, and may be reading the same waiver info that you are.

While a quick acquisition from the waiver wire can easily push your team to the top of your league, it can also muddy up the rest of your season, derail your overall strategy, and have you kicking yourself for dropping a consistent running back for a flash in the pan guy who had one explosive start.

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