Fantasy Football Trades - Defined and Explained

A trade is when two fantasy football league members agree to an exchange of players.

Trading players is one of the more enjoyable and potentially profitable activities in all of fantasy football. That's not just one guy's opinion -- I know plenty of FF addicts that are in it for the trading. How many times have you looked at a particularly idiotic trade in the NFL and thought "I can do better than that"?

The proper trade can improve your team. Giving away a QB attracting a lot of attention from the other members of your fantasy league in exchange for a RB that improves your (suddenly and pathetically) weak running game may increase your overall points, or it could affect individual scores negatively and rack up numbers in your L column.

The idea behind a proper trade in fantasy football is simple . . . make your team better. Avoid all trades based on anything but improving your chance at winning -- emotional trades of players you "just don't like" or for players you root for in the real world will get you laughed out of your fantasy forum.

Trading strategy is not all about making a trade. Sometimes when evaluating a particular trade, you may find out that there's a free agent or a player on waiver you have a decent chance of snagging. This could keep you from replacing one weak player with another, and sacrificing your original draft pick in the process.

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