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Fantasy Football Trade Deadline Definition

The "trade deadline" is the point after which you are not allowed to trade players with another manager in your fantasy league. Generally the trade deadline corresponds directly with the start of the playoffs, but as with any setting in fantasy football you should figure out when your specific league plans to stop trading between teams. There are also tiny differences between leagues in terms of that trade deadline's interpretation. For instance -- if a league has a two day "voting period" for each trade, and the trade deadline is November 15 at 11:59 PM, doesn't that actually make the deadline for trade submission two days later on November the 13th at 11:59PM? Each league interprets this differently. Find out for yourself in your league's rules and settings.

The key feature of the trade deadline that we fantasy sports addicts need to understand is how to ignore it. You should be able to manage your fantasy team in such a way as to negate the trade deadline. Get your team ship shape well before the deadline itself and you can pass on the trade deadline blues.

You can find trade deadline advice starting about a week before most league's actual deadlines. Analysts and experts from Internet and magazine sources will be suggesting potential trades for the fantasy managers out there looking for a big change at the end of the season. As with all free advice, be careful not to make your move too obvious. Following Roto's advice on everything is a bit predictable.

One way to get ahead of the trade deadline curve is to chat with the other fantasy players in your league about the game you all love. That's right -- talk fantasy football with your buddies. Only by talking to other members of your league can you find out the true value of specific players in your league. This will make your trades easier, allowing you time to shore up your team before worrying about the trade deadline.

Feel guilty about duping your friends? Consider your research questions nothing more than friendly chat. We all want to talk about our fantasy teams, and who better to talk about it with than a group of people you're in a league with? It doesn't have to be evil, just offer them a shoulder to cry on.

Once you've established the relative value of some players you're interested in, think about the impact these players will have on the FUTURE of your team, not the immediate future but the time around the trade deadline.

Getting these trades done early and with knowledge of the true value of the players will make "trade deadline depression" a thing of the past.

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