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Fantasy Football Definition of Team Quarterback

In some fantasy football leagues, you select a team position instead of a specific player. This form of fantasy play is catching on because it allows fans of football who may not be as driven as other fantasy nuts to participate in fantasy play. Still other fantasy junkies like to play in these simpler fantasy leagues because of the differences in strategy, or as a way to stretch their fantasy enjoyment.

"Team QB" is a position in this style of fantasy play which refers to the full QB roster for the team you select. If your team plays three quarterbacks in a game, you earn points from all three players. When you include a team's entire QB roster, the ups and downs of individual QBs on a team change completely. I might not be happy if I drafted and started McNabb (ouch, my ribs!) but when you consider that his eventual backup is the possibly explosive Michael Vick, the team quarterback choice of the Eagles is much safer, at least this year.

Many fantasy players are familiar with team QB and team position because of the prevalence of team defense in all fantasy leagues. Sure, there are some leagues in which you select individual defensive players, but for the most part fantasy leagues ask you to select the defense of one entire team. Team QB works the same way, but with the quarterback position.

Team QB and other team positions removes the impact of injury or suspension from the fantasy game. Sure, you won't score as many points with Jon Kitna or Stephen McGee as you would with Tony Romo, but if Romo goes down (and you have selected the Cowboys as your team QB) you can earn points from the performance of the other QBs that line up under center.

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