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Definition of "Team Position" in Fantasy Football

In certain kinds of fantasy football leagues, players do not choose individual players in their draft, but must select a "team position". Traditionally, fantasy football managers select an entire team's defense in place of individual defensive players. This takes some of the complication out of the scoring and drafting stages of the game, allows for fantasy leagues to concentrate on offense, and shortens the amount of time you need to spend on your fantasy football team considerably -- not that any of us actually want to spend less time on the game, but that's beside the point.

The main difference between the way team defense is used in your typical fantasy game and the way a team position is used is that team position slots are more position specific. Whereas you score points on any defensive play (by any defensive position), a team position selection will score you points for each player who lines up in that position for the team you select. My explanation sounds way more complicated than the real thing -- suffice to say, team position gives you a bit more variety in selecting players, while also restricting your focus from selecting the best individual player to settling for a team that you feel has a consistent set of players.

Since you're most likely familiar with team position in terms of your defense, it isn't a very long stretch to consider team position play for your offense as well. Most popular among all team position rules is the team QB -- there are even some fantasy leagues in which team QB and team defense are instituted while all other positions are drafted traditionally. When you select a team position, you are blessed with earning points from all players for that team that participate in the game. team position takes some of the pain out of injuries (you've always got a backup ready) while changing your draft strategy completely.

For instance -- you may reconsider drafting a high number QB like Peyton Manning (via drafting the Colts team QB) when you realize that his backups are Jim Sorgi and Curtis Painter. By the same token, the team QB feature makes a team like the 2009 Cardinals look very attractive for a team QB start. Between Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart, there's plenty of talent at the top of their QB roster. And, God forbid, there's some injury to the first two starters, you've got Brain St. Pierre sitting in the third spot -- a guy who knows the Cardinals system well enough to score some fantasy points for you.

You won't find too many leagues that run exclusively on team positions. More often, leagues will declare a position or two that will be taken up by a team position selection. Some people prefer to use team QBs because it changes the focus of the draft, makes QBs a bit more important to the game, and takes all the emphasis off RBs. Some fantasy managers just hate the RB phenomenon.

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