Fantasy Football Definition of "Target"

In fantasy sports terms, targets are opportunities for a specific player to earn fantasy points. I guess "targets" sounds tougher than "opportunities".

Not only that, but the word "target" can be used to refer to the player being "targeted". Here, let's use them in a sentence so no one gets confused.

"Justin Gage led the Titans with 11 targets in Week One. For a player with such a low ADP, he should prove to be a consistent target receiver in Tennessee."

The above sentence just means that Justin Gage (whose average draft position stat was so low he most likely wasn't drafted in your league) had a big coming out part in the first week of NFL play and might be a good choice if you're looking for a change at the WR position -- mostly because he'll have plenty of opportunities to score fantasy points.

When you think about the WR position, every toss their way is based on the QB "targeting" them on the play. In a way this term is almost always from the perspective of the QB. When a RB is "targeted" in the end zone, I suppose it is the coach that is selecting the target, as the QB doesn't usually have a choice of handing off to a back. Speaking of RBs, the main discussion about targets and RBs is their use in the red zone.

You'll hear a ton of whining about targeted red zone RBs around the water cooler. Much like a Vulture Back, end zone targets tend to steal TDs away from higher profile players. Remember playing Madden and using a FB to bust into for the six points because your RB was tired? Some teams in the NFL have a similar strategy of targeting a certain player in tough situations, ranging from red zone scoring trys to long yardage situations.

Learning who your fantasy player's team targets in these situations can help you decide how to adjust your strategy. If your stud WR's team suddenly decides to run the ball 9 times out of 10 in scoring situations, you might consider trading for a player that will be targeted for more TDs.

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