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Fantasy Football Definition of "Super Bowl Slump"

The "Super Bowl slump" is a sports myth that has bled over into the realm of fantasy football -- the old saying goes that anyone who won a championship the year before is likely to have a slump in their stats, ability, or win total. Repeat champions aren't all that common in the NFL, unlike the NBA or even MLB, leading lots of people to believe that football is hit especially hard by the championship slump, or Super Bowl slump.

A predictable slump is a gold mine for any fan of fantasy sports., just as much as if you could predict a player who is sure to have a breakout season. But do you really want to risk passing up on, say, Ben Roethlisberger just because he won the Super Bowl last year? If you predict a Super Bowl slump and the guy you dodged has a crap season, you'll look like a fantasy sports genius. If, on the other hand, the player you avoided puts up monster numbers (and beats you in your fantasy league playoffs), you may never live it down.

A few times in recent years, Super Bowl champion teams have broken the slump trend -- think about the 97 / 98 Broncos or the 03 / 04 Patriots. But the truth is, only 8 teams since the inception of the Super Bowl in 1966 have won the Super Bowl back to back. This lends some credence to the idea that the NFL is just too even of a field for a serious shot at repeat championships.

Part of the problem with the concept of the Superbowl slump is that fans take it to an extreme degree. Right now there are plenty of people claiming that the New England Patriots are in such a slump -- and considering they've won three Super Bowls in the last eight seasons, I think cries of "Super Bowl slump!" are premature.

Honestly, I can't think of a worse excuse for skipping out on a potential fantasy football draft pick than assuming he will face a "Super Bowl slump". Superstition, in my opinion, is for the lazy. But if you must draft around your Super Bowl slump theory, consider this -- a QB seems less likely to be affected by the curse of the NFL championship. There are seventeen QBs who have appeared in multiple Super Bowls, twelve of whom managed to make it to at least one back to back Super Bowl. If you're going to dodge someone because of the dreaded Super Bowl slump, it may be wise to assume the QB won't feel the impact.

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