Fantasy Football Definition of STY - Safety

STY is an abbreviation for the defensive stat "safety". Often you'll see a safety shortened to STY for ease of recording and scoring. When your team defense is able to rack up a safety, they earn 2 points towards your game total.

In a sense, STY is a useless defensive stat. Sure, it can counteract the negative impact on your points from an interception or a lost fumble, but as most defenses in the NFL don't score many safetys during the course of a season, it is an easy stat to overlook.

In 2008, two teams tied for the most safeties -- with 3 apiece. That's a total of 6 points for each team defense. When you consider that you can also earn 6 points for a single defensive touchdown, and that most teams had between 4 and 9 defensive touchdowns, the safety becomes an even less interesting statistic.

Still, points are points, and in my current league there have been more games won by less than ten points than those won by more. If you're too quick to throw away the tiny stats, you may as well throw everything outside of touchdowns and long field goals right out the window.

There are many fantasy football fans who look at the STY statistic as an indicator of the opposing team's offensive weakness. Looking at the STY statistic this way requires a longer view, and can only really inform you for future games against that opponent. That's a really complicated way of saying that the STY statistic can be looked at as a long term strategy factor rather than just a 2 point advantage for your team.

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