Fantasy Football Definition of Studs

A stud is a top scoring fantasy player at a specific position. A stud is a player who will consistently rack up fantasy points for you and your squad. The word "stud" gets thrown around all the time in the fantasy football world, but I think we should restrict its use to as few players as possible. Give the word some real meaning.

It is difficult to specifically define a stud because depending on the current crop of NFL talent, and depending on what position you're talking about, that definition may be more or less strict. For instance, what makes a kicker a fantasy stud? Why is David Akers the first kicker to be drafted in most leagues? Consistency and experience seem to be at a premium for kickers. On the other hand, a studly RB may be young and explosive. In fact, in most of this year's RB stud rankings, the top three backs had a total of nine years experience between them. To figure out what players are position studs, pay close attention to what makes a player great at a specific position.

There are plenty of "false studs" to be had on draft day. These are players who had a great single season, or get talked up so big in the offseason they float up to "stud status" -- but when you look at their numbers, or at the requirements of their position, they look downright mortal. How about an example?

Kurt Warner is this year's biggest fantasy pseudo-stud. Warner took the unlikely Arizona Cardinals all the way to the big game last season, and put up nice numbers in the process. However -- last season is a great example of a pseudo stud builder. Face facts -- the guy is ancient, he's injury prone thanks to his age and the lack of talent protecting him from linebackers three times his size, and scouting reports on him are indicating a loss of speed. Fantasy football managers who picked this guy up better have some talent behind him for WHEN (not IF) he gets hurt. If you want Warner-like numbers later in the draft, go with the Texan's Matt Schaub, who only scored .4 less points per game last year for fantasy owners compared to the shaky Warner.

Looking at the "whys" of a stud can really change your draft and roster strategy. Don't be fooled by your buddies labeling every Joe Blow that runs for a forty yard gain a "stud".

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