Fantasy Football Definition of Stats

Stats, or statistics, are numbers that refer to a player's achievements on the field. For example, if a player runs the ball two times for a total of ten yards, his stat for "yards per rushing attempt" would be five yards.

The world of fantasy football is a world of numbers, statistics, manipulation, and bluffing. Quite often, the fantasy manager that understands the statistical side of the game of football can enjoy a huge advantage over those players more interested in the kind of superstition and fantasy "trends" that plague our leagues.

Remember that only players on your starting roster will earn points for their stats. Doesn't matter if you accidentally had the new brilliant sleeper on backup and he runs for 37 touchdowns -- if he wasn't starting, his stats are about as useful as a cyanide donut.

Because the fantasy game is so dependent upon stats, it is important to get a handle on what the different statistics mean, how they appear on a stat sheet, and how they impact your fantasy game.

Sometimes it seems like every action in the NFL relates directly to a fantasy stat. Everything from a player's longest single gain in a season (Lng) or average number of receptions per game (R/G) to a team's "expected win-loss record" (Ex W-L) or two point conversions made (2pt) is watched rigorously by statisticians and plunged into the deep and complex world of fantasy football stats. Are we obsessive? Probably, but we do it to win big.

The world of fantasy football is so closely tied to the NFL that sometimes bad stat weeks for big name players cause a ripple across the entire surface of the FF pond. Week Two of the current season for instance -- Tom Brady, Mark Bulger, Steve Slaton, Clinton Portis, all of the Patriots RBs, and Larry Fitzgerald had terribly dull performances, many of them outright duds. Since these guys represent a significant portion of many FF league's studs, you can bet that their low stats caused some terrible fantasy scores that week.

Still other fantasy football stats are more closely related to the fantasy game itself. You can read about a player's average fantasy draft position (ADP) to determine around what point in your draft he will be picked up (and strategize around that number) or you could figure out the number of years a particular player has been the number on starter on his team (St). There are so many football and fantasy stats to follow, you can get involved at just about any level you need.

Say you're a light hearted fantasy guy who just wants a little amusement on the side . . . check out the basic stats, like ADP and Fantasy Points. On the other side of the spectrum there are the fantasy football-holics who will make cheat sheet after cheat sheet covered front to back in numbers and obscure stats we've probably never heard of. Jump in as deep or as shallow as you want.

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