Fantasy Football "Snoozers" Definition

A snoozer is a player that is likely to have a terrible game and should be deactivated in favor of another guy who is more likely to add to your point total. Not to be confused with "sleepers", snoozers are usually good players (and therefore likely to be drafted in your fantasy league) that are in danger of having an off week.

You'll usually hear this term as part of fantasy advice, as in "Warner is a real snoozer this week against that quick secondary". It is less common to hear a fantasy manager refer to one of his draft picks as "a snoozer", unless you're a close enough friend for the guy to admit his weaknesses. We're not usually fond of doing that.

There's another meaning for snoozer -- during the draft, a snoozer is a player whose production is expected to drop in the coming season compared to the previous. The term "snoozer" during the draft indicates that a particular player shouldn't be drafted based on his previous success because he shows little value this season, for one reason or another. Sometimes a player becomes a draft snoozer based on his team's strength of schedule, a team change in strategy, or an off season injury or surgery.

You can find snoozer reports as part of the "studs, sleepers, and snoozers" lists at your favorite fantasy football source. This is advice you should always pay attention to, though it is not unheard of for a snoozer to step on the field that weekend and really rack up the fantasy points. In other words, never put too much faith in the bloggings of so called FF docs.

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