Fantasy Football Definition of Sck

"Sck" is an abbreviation of the word "sack", and usually indicates a player or defense's number of defensive sacks.

In traditional fantasy football scoring, a defensive sack or "Sck" is worth just one point. The upside of the value of a defensive sack is that they are relatively common, especially if you've drafted a talented defense, or you're playing against an opponent with a weak offensive line. Heck, sometimes it doesn't take a weak offensive line, some QBs are just highly sackable. Take a look at the 2008 Steelers defense -- 58 sacks worth a total of 58 points for your fantasy team if you drafted them. That's more valuable than 6 defensive TDs, a number that only one defense achieved in the same year. Sack stats can be easy to overlook because of their low value, but when you've got a sack happy defense starting, you're in for some good fantasy points.

A defense's sack rate can also be a good indicator of the value of the defense as a whole. This one stat seems to be directly related to a defense's ability to score fantasy points. Take a look again at the 2008 season -- the Kansas City Chiefs scored only 10 sacks all season and ended up offering a fantasy point average of just 26.8. The fewest amount of sacks in the top 5 fantasy defenses in 2008 is 35. Ideally, you're looking for a team somewhere between those two numbers if you want to avoid drafting a sloppy defense.

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