Fantasy Football Rushing Yards (RuYd) Definition

RuYd is a stat indicating a player's number of rushing yards. Statisticians are pretty clever -- take the first two letters of two words, mash it together, and you've got a stat.

Obviously, rushing yards refers to the total number of yards a player earns from rushing (running) the football. Right off the bat you're thinking this is an RB stat, and you're right, RBs will earn plenty of RuYds. But there are plenty of players who are eligible to earn rushing yards. Many quarterbacks in the modern NFL have the ability to tuck the ball and run it whenever they're in a tight spot, or just as a strategic move. Occasionally, WRs get in the game on a tricky reverse play. Then there are TEs and potentially even big time rushing FBs (are there any left?) you could fit into your fantasy slot, though these positions don't traditionally earn enough RuYds to make it worth a roster spot.

With most fantasy football scoring systems awarding points per set of yards (traditionally one point per every ten yards or something similar) a stat like RuYd isn't as "sexy" on paper as TDs, but most RBs worth drafting will earn far more points for rushing yards than TDs.

Remember that there are plenty of RBs and other players who will earn RuYds without putting in a ton of work near the end zone. Since RuYds are potentially much more lucrative than already valuable TDs, it makes sense that the RB position is the dominant one in fantasy football. Unless you're playing in a TD only league (or a Points per Reception league), the RB has two really solid avenues for scoring -- yards AND TDs.

Don't overlook the RuYd stat when building your team -- there are plenty of off the radar backs who can contribute a fair amount to your fantasy total. RBs make great sleepers for this very reason.

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