Fantasy Football Definition of "Receiving Yards"

"ReYd" is a stat indicating how many "receiving yards" a player earns. WRs are generally the least popular players on any fantasy football roster because their stats don't readily translate to solid point totals in standard fantasy games. Take a look at the following performances to understand the hierarchy of fantasy players --

  • QB : 250 yards passing, 1 TD
  • RB : 40 yards rushing, 2 TD
  • WR: 100 yards receiving, 1 TD

Notice that all three players earned 16 fantasy points for their performance, but had to turn in very different games to earn those points. The WR has to put in a great game in ReYds and put up a TD before he can be considered equal to a RB with just 40 RuYds. Why the discrepancy between player's point distribution?

Basically it is the difference between how RBs and WRs are used that leads to the difference in their scoring ability. WRs simply don't have the kind of end zone and scoring situation targets that RBs have. Sure, they are both better off than the QB, who is forced to put up huge yardage before even becoming a valuable part of your fantasy squad. But WRs have a harder time converting small yardage situations (like the above RBs 40 yards) into equivalent TD scores.

In plain language, WRs have to earn more yards receiving than RBs need to earn yards rushing if they want to score the same amount of points.

Receiving yards and rushing yards earn the same amount of points in most leagues, but some rules have been invented if you want to even up the game a bit. You could score on a TD only system, where yards for receiving and rushing don't count, or you could count every reception a player makes as a point as well. The latter rule gives WRs a pretty distinct advantage, I think, in that they earn a point for every successful target. Either way, it is possible to alter the importance of WRs to your fantasy game if you feel the standard rules are unfair.

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