Re-Draft League

Fantasy Football Definition of "Re-Draft League"

A “re-draft league” is a fantasy football league where your team roster starts fresh each season and picks different players in a draft each and every fantasy season.

Most fantasy football leagues are redraft leagues by nature. In fact, I'd say that a large majority of fantasy football addicts play in “redraft” leagues exclusively. Diehard fantasy junkies like me tend to participate in other kinds of leagues, wherein the same roster carries over into the next football season. In those leagues, trades and rookie pickups become more important than building a new team. The other popular league types are keeper and dynasty leagues.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to understand about redraft leagues. The biggest advantage of a redraft league is how easy it is to use. It is real easy for those of you new to fantasy sports to understand the concept -- rank NFL players and draft the best one, based on need, when your draft pick comes around.

Another benefit of a redraft league is how quickly the draft moves. In theory, fantasy football owners in redraft leagues will make a list of their desired players before they go into the draft. This makes it easy for managers to pick and choose players when it is their turn. Not to mention that when you're in a redraft league, fantasy football becomes more of a social event. With all that extra time (and not too much thinking about your draft) you are free to chat, rag on your fellow league members, and basically make your league a social function.

The two main disadvantages of the redraft are pretty simple -- for starters, draft selections in a redraft league are really formulaic. If you really want to dig in to your fantasy football game, breaking down players according to a simple formula is just, well, boring. When you think about it, everyone in your redraft league is probably using some kind of info from a fantasy football source, so your game is just different published strategies running into one another all season. The other disadvantage to a redraft league is the lack of competition. The best fantasy football managers don’t play in standard redraft leagues these days. Look for fantasy sharks in auction or dynasty leagues if you want real tough competition.

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