QBBC - Quarterback by Committee

Fantasy Football Definition of QBBC

"QBBC" is an acronym for "quarterback by committee." When a team can't decide which QB to start games they generally will start both (or all three) of their options until they figure out who should get the most work. Some QBBC situations are never resolved, and over the course of an entire season you may see multiple starters.

Just like in the professional game, fantasy players can use QBBC to their advantage. Let's face it, outside of the top 7 or 8 QBs in the NFL, there's almost no serious fantasy point scoring player. Your best bet outside of those top 8 would be to run your own QBBC, swapping out players when they face situations or teams that may allow them to rack up some fantasy points. if you didn't get your hands on a top 8 QB, consider matching up two middle rounders and switching them back and forth at your leisure.

In the NFL, many teams face situations that encourage them to go with a QBBC -- if a team has a poor season and earns the first overall draft pick, they can sometimes get saddled with a very talented (but inexperienced) rookie QB. Since QBs have a ridiculously high learning curve (especially compared to other offensive positions like RB) these teams will most certainly want to run some version of a QB committee, just to hedge their bet on the rookie. Other times, a team will find themselves without a standout QB, or (if they're lucky) with two equally talented guys tossing the ball. Whatever the reason, it is sometimes necessary to establish a QB committee, though most fans don't like it.

Just like these NFL teams, you may find yourself needing to invest in a QBBC scenario. Look for two QBs who have favorable home and away schedules. This season, my favorite QBBC opportunity is Matt Schaub and Kerry Collins. Draw those two names in a draft and you might just jump out a window. But wait a second -- if they can perform at least to their average, and if you know when to sit Schaub and start Collins, etc, you could be earning 16.5 or so fantasy points every week from otherwise lackluster QBs.

QBBC is a dirty word to some people -- they'd rather start their flashy first rounder and worry about injuries after they happen. If you want to run a conservative fantasy game, consider using your early draft picks for bigger producers like RBs or WRs and pull two decent middle round QBs to run a committee.

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