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Fantasy Football Definition of "Public League"

A "public league" is a fantasy football league that accepts new members without password protection. Public leagues are good places to learn the game of fantasy football without the embarrassment of losing big to people you know in the real world.

When signing up for a fantasy football league, your very first decision is whether to join a public or private league -- and really, that decision is pretty much made for you. If you haven't been invited to a private league by a friend, you're going to have to sign up to a public league.

Public leagues can be joined until they fill up. At the more popular fantasy football venues online, you can enter your preferences and the website will match you up to a league that uses the rules and settings you like.

If you do choose to join a public league, these simple steps will get you started right away.

Find the place where you want to play fantasy football -- be it Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, or some other provider of fantasy services, look around the websites and figure out which one works for you.

Unless you want to pay for more premium services, you should find your FF provider's "Basic League" or intro league link.

Though the premium services offered by, for instance, Yahoo are nice to have around and can really help the more experienced fantasy managers, it probably isn't something you need to jump into right away.

After you sign up and figure out what kind of league you want to join, your fantasy football service of choice will locate a compatible league and assign you to it. Before you do that, there are a couple more decisions to make.

Do you want to play a casual or a competitive game? Most FF sites will ask a question along these lines. What they are asking is if you are the kind of fantasy player looking for a slow paced less competitive game or if you're a fantasy junkie, looking to crush the other teams in your league -- in which case a competitive fantasy league is up your alley.

Another question you need to consider -- do you want to participate in a live online draft or an automatic system? An autodraft uses your input to automatically select the best available player from a random and automatic serpentine draft for your fantasy league. A live online draft is pretty much the opposite -- each fantasy manager participates live at a designated time and the members of your league participate live in a serpentine draft.

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