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Fantasy Football Definition of "Private Leagues"

When starting a game of fantasy football, your first decision is what kind of league to join -- public or private. A private league is open only to those players who are invited, or who are given a password that gets them in the game. These leagues are usually shared among friends, co workers, people at church, etc. A "private league" is just what is sounds like -- a fantasy football league that is not open to the general public.

Once you've been invited to join a private fantasy football league, follow the link given to you in your invitation to join the league and start talking smack to the other fantasy managers. Once you've accepted your spot in the private league, you have to select a team name and a logo and you're basically in business.

A private fantasy league works the exact same way as a public league, which you may be more familiar with. At the start of the season, private league managers generally get together and decide how to customize the game and the setup of the fantasy website. Roster requirements, scoring, free agency, trading rules, etc -- they can all be customized to make your specific private league the way you and your friends want it.

Private leagues have a commissioner, just like in public leagues. This commissioner has a ton of responsibility in terms of making decisions for the group. This is the person that can decide to change the settings and the rules for the league, usually based on the league's feedback.

Private or "custom" leagues are not the best place to start out in fantasy sports. The main reason for this is the wide variety of rules and settings that private leagues use. If you are a first time fantasy football manager, you may not want to have to deal with drafting and scoring for IDP, or you may not KNOW yet if you want to play in a league that uses the PPR system. Stick to the more traditional public leagues until you feel comfortable enough playing a higher caliber game.

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