Fantasy Football Definition of "Play Offs"

The playoffs are an exciting time in any professional sport. In fantasy football, the playoffs are as much a part of the game as the regular season. How are you going to crown a league champion without playoffs? This isn't NCAA football . . . we like to decide our champion on the field.

Depending on the rules of your specific fantasy football league, playoffs will start the week after the last week of your league's "regular season" . Look at your league's settings to figure out how long your regular season is and how long your playoff period is. When you add the two numbers together, you'll either come up with 16 or 17. Remember that the NFL regular season is seventeen weeks, though your league may not participate in the final week of the regular season. All leagues are a bit different.

No matter when your regular season ends and your playoffs begin, you'll want to be there. If your league's regular season ends at week 13, you'll have four weeks of playoffs to determine a champion. Most likely your fantasy football web venue will determine who is in the playoffs and who is out automatically based on settings your league determined at the outset of the season. Depending on how many teams are in your league, you may see anywhere from 2 to 16 teams in the playoffs, and that number will determine the championship bracket.

Make sure your league pays careful attention to the playoff settings when you put the league together. It helps to know how many teams make it to the playoffs as your season progresses -- your strategy may change based on how many points you'll need to score to slip in under the playoff radar. Check your league settings to figure out how ties and other tricky parts of your playoff system will be calculated.

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