Fantasy Football Definition of "Pickup"

A player you get from the waiver wire or in a trade with another member of your fantasy football league is referred to as a "pickup". Quite literally, it means you picked the player up from another source -- someone's backup roster in trade from one your guys, off the list of inactive players, etc. The word pickup is also used by fantasy football analysts to describe players they suggest you look into -- players who are normally off the fantasy radar because of inexperience, prior injury, or just lack of popularity. How do these analysts know you might have a shot at picking these guys up? Usually, a pickup is a guy with a really low average draft position, which broadcasts to the fantasy universe that the player probably didn't make it into your fantasy league's active rosters.

If you're lucky, you won't have to make a single pickup this fantasy football season. I'm not sure this has ever actually happened, but if you draft perfectly and you're lucky enough not to have to deal with injury, suspension, or collapse of one of your starters, you may not need to peek through the waiver wire or send one of your fantasy opponents a stud QB for that backup RB pick you've got your eye on. Since this is very unlikely, you may need to keep a running list of good pickup opportunities in your wallet. After your fantasy football draft is over, look through the undrafted guys so you have an idea of your pool of potential pickups. You're only a hamstring away from having to alter your entire starting roster, so proceed with caution.

When planning on acquiring pickups throughout the season, remember that you'll need some good trade options to sweeten the pot for managers you need to trade with. Think about drafting some trade bait as a "just in case". You know, like when your number one WR gets arrested in week four for DWI or something.

There are plenty of sources for "pickup" advice. Make sure your source is knowledgeable about fantasy sports and can justify their reason for highlighting a player. Using pickups can really take the pressure off the strategist in you.

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