Fantasy Football Definition of "Pick"

When participating in your fantasy football draft, your position in that draft is called your "pick". Your "pick" order affects your choice because it determines your first chance at signing a player. Pick first and you've got the entire NFL at your fingertips. Pick last in a big enough league and you may be fresh out of premium players to choose.

Thanks to the serpentine draft used by most fantasy football leagues, your pick usually reverses from one round of the draft to the next. This is an attempt to even out draft choices -- say you pick 12th out of 12 teams in round one -- the good news is, you get the number 1 pick in the second round. Yes, this means your draft picks will always be of players of very equal caliber, but it also means that the guy lucky enough to pick first doesn't get another shot at the draft board until you've selected twice.

In an auction style draft, you will have a set amount of fake money with which to bid on players. This alters the notion of "draft pick" because you have to be willing to put your money where your mouth is to make a specific pick. In many ways, the idea of drafting around a "pick" is completely erased in an auction setup, because you can bid for player after player in a row . . . until your money runs out.

There are other draft setups and many other ways to look at the serpentine draft. But if you understand what your pick number means for your league, you have a better chance at drafting to the best of your ability.

"Pick" also often refers to which player you choose with your pick.

"Pick" is also used as a verb meaning "to choose or to select." And it's also used as a noun meaning "choice" or "selection".

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