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Fantasy Football Definition of "Performance Scoring"

Performance scoring is fantasy football scoring based on a player's entire on field performance.

The best way to understand performance scoring is to consider the alternative. In some fantasy football scoring situations, the players on your roster only earn you fantasy points for scoring TDs. Another alternative to performance scoring is a "bonus" system, in which a player earns bonus points for hitting certain yardage milestones during the course of a game. The scoring system your league chooses is based on the overall opinion of the fantasy football owners -- your league has to come to an agreement about what kind of scoring system to use.

The scoring system that rewards fantasy points for touchdowns only is, obviously, known as "TD only" scoring. If you're like me and the guys in my fantasy football league, you'll find that TD only scoring does not reward fantasy points in a way that mirrors a roster's performance. The problem with TD only scoring is that it ignores valuable statistics like passing and rushing yards in favor of the flash and excitement of a player's ability to get the ball in the end zone. Really, the choice between performance scoring and TD only scoring is a philosophical one. Do you place a premium on a player's ability to put 6 points on the score board, or on a player's ability to get in and duke it out with the defense?

Even if your TD only league awards milestone bonuses, you may end up frustrated. Imagine that your league awards a point for every 100 rushing yards, but your starting RB earns only 99. That one yard makes the difference between a bonus fantasy point and no fantasy points. I know, I know -- life's not fair. But TD only scoring goes beyond unfair for many fantasy owners -- it takes the fun out of fantasy football.

Whether your league relies on performance scoring or less traditional TD only points will change your draft strategy. In a standard performance scoring league, players that do the hard work required to move your team up and down the field will be as valuable (or more so) than players who more often find themselves doing TD dances.

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