Fantasy Football Definition of "Owner"

Participants in a fantasy league are called "owners". There are plenty of other words to describe those of us that put our hearts on the line every weekend for a fake game, but call us whatever you want, we're all fantasy junkies.

You may have noticed I prefer the word "manager" to "owner" -- both words are totally acceptable, but to my mind the job of a fantasy player is to build a good roster and then manage the way that roster works. Sure, fantasy football contains some elements of the job of an NFL "owner", but that word comes with a bit of baggage that I'd rather slough off in favor of the grittier term "manager".

Still others in the fantasy world use words like "coach" or "player", but to me, those words confuse the issue more than clarify. When I use the word "player" while my mind is in fantasy football mode, I'm thinking of NFL players, not my fellow fantasy buds. Likewise with "coach" -- we talk so much about coaching styles and the preferences of individual coaches to toss that word about in reference to each other.

No matter the word you use, the plight of the fantasy "owner" is the same. Between angry friends and family who accuse you of spending too much time with fantasy sports and the grief of watching as your starting QB hits the turf with an injury, fantasy owners have a rough time during football season. Hopefully, you've done a good enough job as a coach to hit some peaks to balance out the valleys.

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