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Fantasy Football Definition of "Mock Draft"

A "mock draft" is a dry run of a fantasy football draft. In a mock draft, the players "picked" by fantasy football managers don't end up on anyone's fantasy football roster, rather the mock draft is used to build draft strategy (and maybe to get an idea of what players you will have a shot at drafting).

Most of the time, you will run a mock draft all by your lonesome. It wouldn't make much sense for the others in your fantasy football league to participate in a mock draft together -- you'd all know the other's tactics. No, you can expect your mock draft to be a lonely affair. In many ways, that's a good thing. You can run as many mock drafts as your wife and kids will allow -- if you'd like to practice a counter intuitive draft strategy in which you select NO runnings backs in the first two rounds followed by another mock draft where you start the whole draft off picking the biggest baddest RB on the block, feel free. Fantasy football junkies who use the mock draft are more confident on draft day and have a better backup plan for when (not if) strategies get screwed up.

The guys I know who clean up in their fantasy leagues usually spend a ton of time in mock drafts. Running a mock draft when you've switched to a league with a new scoring system is basically required. If you've never been in a PPR league and find yourself at the threshold of a PPR league draft, you better run several thousand mockups before you get to the big day. PPR scoring results in a completely different hierarchy of player strengths. Other scoring changes may not affect the draft as much as PPR will, but should still be seen as an opportunity to mock it up before you jump into the draft day frying pan.

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