Fantasy Football Definition of "MJD"

Some players in the NFL earn special fantasy football nicknames. "MJD" refers to the talented Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

MJD earned some serious fantasy star power in the 2006 NFL season by putting up ridiculous numbers. He rushed for just about 1,000 yards, tacked on 400 yard receiving, and got into the endzone for a monstrous 16 TDs. If you do the fantasy math on those stats, you'll come up with roughly 6 billion fantasy football points from good old MJD. That kind of performance in a single season will elevate you to the top of anyone's fantasy football draft. As an added bonus, MJD was featured heavily in an excellent ESPN commercial where a fantasy football manager waxed nostalgic about how "MJD won my fantasy league for me". Instant celeb status.

Flash forward to 2009 -- MJD is still a "must own" for most fantasy football players, despite a couple of "off" seasons. MJD's performance seems tied directly to the defense he's facing and the offensive strategy of his coach. For instance, that ridiculous 2006 season? Only possible because the Jags passed a grand total of five or six times that entire year. Last season, MJD racked up almost 1500 total yards of offense (and 14 TDs) which fantasy football analysts suspects is due to a favorable schedule. No matter what the excuse, MJD is a fantasy figure you can't ignore.

In most fantasy leagues, MJD was probably one of the first RB picks after the inevitable Adrian Peterson. If you're playing in a PPR league, MJD is an even better get as he had 62 targets last year in the air.

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