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Fantasy Football Definition of "The Madden Jinx"

The "Madden Jinx" is a superstition about NFL players featured on the cover of the popular Madden NFL video game. Supposedly, having your face plastered on the cover of the game box will lead to nothing but trouble. The Madden Jinx is also known as the Madden Curse.

If you believe in the Madden Jinx, you believe you can use it to your advantage in your fantasy football draft. For instance -- this year's Madden cover featured Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. If you hold the Madden curse to be true, you should avoid drafting either of those guys, as missed games due to injury or just plain poor performance will likely make them dead weight on your roster. Polamalu has already been injured this season. You gotta believe that Fitzgerald is sweating bullets.

Strangely enough, there appears to be something to this Madden jinx. Let's take a look at the history of the Madden box cover curse.

2000 - For the first time, an NFL player's image was used on the Madden NFL cover. Appearing in the background, behind John Madden's head, was Barry Sanders. Sanders was the first "victim" of the curse, deciding to resign just before the start of training camp.

2002 - Daunte Culpepper fell under the spell of Madden after he graced the cover. Culpepper sustained a season ending knee injury and missed the last five games of a dismal season.

2004 - Michael Vick, who would later fall under his own curse, fractured his right fibula in the preseason and played in just five games for the Falcons.

2005 - Ray Lewis graced the cover of Madden NFL this year, and though his injury only sat him for one game, he was also injured early the next year playing only six games before experiencing a season ending injury.

2006 - Donovan McNabb taunted the curse, claiming he didn't believe in it after he was selected to be on the cover of Madden NFL 2006. He suffered a serious hernia early in the season, limiting his potential, before finally hurting it bad enough in a game against the Cowboys to miss the final seven games of the season. You may not believe in the curse, Donovan, but it believes in you.

2007 - Shaun Alexander broke his foot early in the season and missed six games.

There's plenty of superstition in the world of sports. The cursed Cubs, the wearing of the same pair of underwear for good luck, etc. If you choose to believe in the Madden jinx, your best bet is to avoid drafting the Madden cover models.

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