Fantasy Football Definition of "L.T."

"LT" is the nickname used for Ladainian Tomlinson, a running back currently playing for the San Diego Chargers. Once a force to be reckoned with (both in the NFL and on your fantasy football roster), LT's 9 years in the Big Show seem to have had a negative impact on his game.

That being said, when he isn't injured (as he is at the time of this writing), L.T. is still a player you can't overlook in the draft. Though his peak year (2006) is long gone, Tomlinson still has the potential to light up a box score. Though most fantasy football experts say he's too much of a risk to take in an early round, his ADP in this year's fantasy football draft was a nearly unbelievable 6.6. That's right -- a RB over the age of 30 who is past his statistical prime was the average 6th pick in fantasy football drafts.

LT's biggest year was 2006, when he racked up 2,323 total yards and 31 TDs -- somewhere around 420 fantasy points in your average performance league. Back then, he was the number one pick in many people's fantasy football drafts. Age and some changes in coaching and his fellow position players have turned a one time top pick into a guy you may start wanting to avoid. His average yards per carry last year fell to just 3.8, the lowest in his career since his rookie year, and a full point lower than his career average.

The story of LT is the story of all great running backs -- as they approach and then pass the magical age of 30, their production drops and fantasy football managers' interest wanes. About the only thing that could revive LT's career (besides illegal performance enhancers) is to be put into a position where he'll earn lots of targets.

If LT were the brightest star on a team (instead of having to share time in the backfield or share the spotlight with Phillip Rivers) he may be able to recapture the hearts and minds of fantasy managers. Until then, he's just another backup RB getting drafted too high by fantasy junkies with fond memories of 2006.

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