Fantasy Football Definition of "Linups"

In fantasy football, the word "lineup" refers to your starting roster. When deciding on your weekly lineup, you should definitely consider what team your starting players will face. Because individual players on your roster will be competing against different teams and different players ON those teams, understanding the lineup for your roster in a given week will help you pick your starting group.

Many fantasy football resources offer some kind of lineup analysis. A team or player's statistics can be analyzed, for instance, to determine if your starting RB is facing a particularly tough run defense this week and should be benched in favor of a backup who is going against a vulnerable defense. The best sources of lineup analysis usually require some sort of payment -- fantasy football magazines (which you have to buy or subscribe to) or registration-only websites offer the most in-depth lineup analysis.

It is entirely possible to do the lineup research yourself (look into your starting QBs opponents' performance against the pass in weeks past) but depending on your level of commitment to your fantasy football league, the time it takes to dig this research up may not be possible for you. In that case, you shouldn't have any qualms about paying for some inside information.

Remember that lineup analysis isn't straight from God's mouth to the FF experts' ears. A WR facing a tough secondary could have an unlikely breakthrough performance because of some outside factor. Weather could come into play and turn a QBs likely 400 yard performance into a squandered start. The best bet is to balance lineup analysis advice with your own gut feelings and common sense. Remember -- this roster is yours, you own it, and you have final say in who starts and who sits.

Some other factors that influence your lineup -- a player's nagging injury, a rookie's experience (or lack thereof), suspensions, a new coaching staff changing a team's on field strategy, etc. Your lineup can work for you or against you. Being knowledgeable about football, the ins and outs of the NFL, and your starting line's characteristics will make the difference between a quality lineup and a junkyard.

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