Fantasy Football Definition of "Leagues"

A fantasy football "league" is a group of fantasy football teams. Your league may be a private league or a public league, it may be a keeper league, a dynasty league, a redraft league, or some other type of league governed by its own unique rules. You may be part of the same league for years, spending every fantasy football season with the same dozen guys duking it out for the championship year after year, or you may join a new public league every NFL season. Regardless of what type of fantasy football you want to play, there's a league out there for you to join.

The fantasy football league is a strange animal. Part social group, part fierce competition, part dorky statistical obsession -- fantasy football leagues can be anything you want them to be. If you're looking for a heavy hitting and competitive game, you can join a keeper league that uses IDP or PPR rules. If you want a simpler game that's mostly trash talk and offensive play, find a league that scores using TD-only rules. If you're somewhere in the middle, a re-draft league with custom scoring is probably what you need. Of course, if you want a real challenge, you could start your own offline league and do the scoring all by yourself.

Every fantasy football league has different characters. There's the Gooch -- a loudmouth jerk that no one really wants to be around. There are ghostships . . . fantasy teams long since abandoned, idling along from week to week. There's the overeager hyper competitive guy who calls you at all hours of the night with updates about his roster and potential trade deals. The list could go on and on. The point is -- it takes all kinds to make a fantasy football league.

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