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One of the first steps of setting up or joining a fantasy football league is understanding your league settings. These are the choices that a league makes in terms of scoring, draft style, roster size, and other features. More than any other single factor, your league settings will have an impact on the style of fantasy football you play.

If you are running your own fantasy football league, this means you're that league's commissioner. You will have final say on your league's settings, though you should consult the rest of the league before deciding on what league settings to use. If you're a fantasy nut looking for a new public league to join, check out that league's standard settings before jumping in. Yes -- changes may be made after you join, but if you start out playing with a league that is similar to the settings you want to play with you are more likely to have fun playing.

The major differences between different league settings can usually be found in the roster size and scoring systems. Depending on what sort of fantasy football experience your league is looking for, the league settings will vary widely. Standard performance scoring tends to put great emphasis on the performance of RBs, while WRs and QBs fall a bit by the wayside. To counteract this perceived bias, many leagues will choose a scoring method that provides extra rewards for those players less likely to score. Another alternative for leagues looking to literally even the playing field is to stack extra WRs or QBs on the roster. If you start 3 WRs versus 1 RB, you will find that WRs become much more important than the big bruisers in the backfield.

Other choices to make include using team defense or individual defensive players, season length, playoff style, and a million other smaller decisions that should be discussed with the members of your league before making a selection.

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