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Fantasy Football Definition of "Keeper Leagues"

A keeper league is really a hybrid league, using some features of a "standard re draft league" and some features of a "dynasty league".

Like with standard re draft leagues, a keeper league will hold a draft each preseason. In this draft, keeper league managers will pick the majority of their players. However, those of us in keeper leagues are allowed to keep a set number of players on our rosters from the previous year of play.

Most keeper league rules will allow a handful of players to be kept from year to year -- I know, "handful" is not exactly a scientific number, but the actual number of kept players varies from keeper league to keeper league. The most basic rule usually limits a keeper league's ability to keep players drafted high in the draft.

The keeper league I'm involved with sets the cutoff at Round Three. Basically, the league wouldn't be very competitive with any of those top 30 or so players already assigned to teams. I do know of some fairly cutthroat keeper leagues where the cutoff is lower -- say, no picks from the first round but all rounds below that are available for keeping. Still other leagues ask you to place "keeper" tags on specific players, regardless of round drafted. Check your keeper league's rules to figure out where you stand.

Other rules common to keeper leagues include restricting players from trading their future draft picks, restrictions on future draft picks based on how your team finished in the previous season, and a player's keeper status following him through all trades.

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