IR - Injured Reserve

Fantasy Football Definition of "IR"

IR means "Injured Reserve". It is a status that a player can be put on when injured that indicates he won't be playing for the rest of the football season, but is being "reserved" by the team for work in future seasons.

In fantasy football terms, injured reserve only becomes an issue for those of us playing in "keeper leagues". In these leagues, where a fantasy football manager maintains his roster between NFL seasons, a manager can place a player who is on the NFL injured reserve list in the "IR" roster spot. This indicates that he wants to keep that player for the next fantasy football season even though he is injured this year and cannot score fantasy points. A player placed on your fantasy IR slot will obviously not count against your starting roster or earn fantasy points.

When you're playing in a keeper or dynasty league, you don't want to get completely rid of a player just because they've been hurt and are out for the current season. Keeper leagues are all about the long view, rather than re-draft leagues where you don't have to worry about future rosters.

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