Fantasy Football Definition of "IntTD"

IntTD stands for "Interceptions returned for touchdowns". This stat indicates the number of times a player (or a team defense) turns an already valuable INT into an INT that ends in 6 points for their team. In some fantasy football leagues, especially leagues that use custom scoring or IDP rules, an INT that ends in a TD is worth a set amount of points, usually based on how many yards the INT was returned for the TD.

IntTDs are worth different points in every league. In most leagues, an INT will earn you 2 points. Adding the TD at the end will, naturally earn you 6 points -- that's the standard value for any TD. If the league you're in is using a scoring system that rewards IntTDs as a separate stat, you can earn anywhere from 3 to 12 points based on your league's custom scoring settings and the distance that the Int was returned for the score. You can see how the points really start to add up in this situation.

If you're lucky enough to be in a league that customizes defensive scoring, you're going to want to start team defenses that contain interception experts. If you play in an IDP league, you want to start DBs who are likely to pull down INTs. Obviously, the only way to tap into this potentially lucrative stat is to put guys on the field who are gonna pick off passes and get the ball over the goal line.

One reason why IntTDs are so valuable in some fantasy football leagues is that they are difficult to pull off, and the lengthier returns for touchdowns (which are worth more fantasy points) are incredibly rare.

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