Injury Report

Fantasy Football Definition of "Injury Reports"

An "injury report" is a list of player's injuries along with their current status and projections for when they are likely to return to play. One of the biggest hurdles a fantasy football manager will have to jump is dealing with an injury to a player who is crucial to their fantasy game.

Detailed injury reports are available all over the Internet -- you can even track injury report information on sports talk radio or a sports channel such as ESPN. The hard part of dealing with injury isn't finding out who is injured, but trying to prognosticate when that player will actually return to play. Knowing how big of a gap you have to fill will determine if you can slide a backup into your injured starter's spot or if you need to work out a trade.

Hopefully, you've drafted wisely enough to be able to cover a couple of weeks of work for your biggest studs, otherwise you may find yourself making a tough decision: trade your injured starter for a less studly backup squad, or start a couple of scrubs in hopes that their performance won't sink your chances at a W.

Besides the "injury report", there are also practice reports to contend with. A practice report is a kind of injury report that announces who did and didn't participate in a team's practice. A player who misses a couple of practices in a row is communicating something -- either an unreported or otherwise "minor" injury that may affect his gameplay, or some kind of dispute with the coaches and front office. Either way, missing practice is a bad sign for your fantasy football roster. It means "something's up". Pay close attention to your injury and practice reports to get a handle on what players on your roster may need shuffling around soon.

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