In Person Draft

Fantasy Football Definition of "In Person Draft"

An "in person draft" is exactly what it sounds like -- a fantasy football draft held live and in the company of your league's fellow managers.

Not every fantasy football draft occurs online. In fact, if your fantasy league decides to run an in person draft, you'll find it a lot more fun than the anonymous impersonal online drafts you've done in the past.

The way to do an in person draft is to decide with the other members of your fantasy league where you're going to meet up to run your draft. Sports bars and even some restaurants are happy to provide you and your buddies a space to gather, order drinks, maybe some finger food, and kick back while you draft in style.

Fantasy football is a social event, and an in person draft is even more socially geared. Instead of shouting insults at your laptop or typing witticisms to your fantasy football competition, you can see them face to face -- and buy them a beer when their draft falls to pieces.

The advantages of an in person draft should be clear by now. It's more fun, more exciting, with an atmosphere similar to the real NFL draft -- only with more beer. An in person draft is the perfect kickoff to your fantasy football season, and will become something your league looks forward to year after year.

If there are any disadvantages to an in person draft, maybe it is the difficulty of organizing your buddies into a space, getting everyone there on time, and trying not to eat too many hot wings.

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